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Zumos Wellbeing


Our mission is to measurably improve world happiness!

It has been well documented and reported that personal wellbeing and mental health have been impacted by the pandemic and, in addition to the systems we already have in school which support children’s wellbeing, we have decided to adopt an online wellbeing, resilience and confidence building system called Zumos.

Zumos has been developed with educational psychologists, counsellors, mental health services and many others and has a proven record of making a tangible difference. The mission of Zumos is described below. “Zumos mission is to measurably improve world happiness! It is the first online service of its kind. It is what the experts agree as being the best way to find happiness in your life, whatever your circumstances. It has all the tools you need to deal with life’s challenges and tragedies as they arise and the system is ever-growing.

Zumos builds your self-confidence and wellbeing. It helps you to practise being a mindful person and builds your inner strength to be a resilient person and it enables you to track your progress. It helps you to find happiness in your life every day. It shows you how to be your own best friend, your greatest motivator, personal trainer and wisest mentor. It shows you that you are amazing, unique, talented and capable of doing the things you dream of.”

You can find out more by visiting their website on the link here