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Summer Workshop Activities

SUMMER WORKSHOP ACTIVITIES FROM SOUNDSTORM AND WAVE! Free! All in Bournemouth Lower Gardens, weekdays…

More info at: and or on our Facebook pages

Numbers are limited so you will need to sign up in the day, on site, prior to the sessions. There will be 4-5 sessions per day, from 10am – 4.30pm, for children and families starting with:

Monday to Friday 26-30 JULY: SoundStorm presents – Make an Utterly Butterly Ukulele with the Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project!

Open to ages 6 and above (under 9 year olds need to be accompanied by a parent/carer helper). Free. All materials provided

The fantastic Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project make great sounding ukuleles from rejected butter cartons which would otherwise end up in landfill (and which the butter manufacturers send them direct, new and ready to be converted into a uke!). Every participant will make their own ukulele – it’s completely free and you take your ukulele away with you!

 The TUBUP team will be making ukuleles every day of Ukulele week. There will be 4-5 one hour sessions per day throughout the day which will see each participant (a child and a parent / carer) make a ukulele (around 45 mins) and then join in a short concert (around 15 mins). Total length of session is 1 hour.

 Participant numbers will need to be number regulated; sign up in advance of each session, on site, in Bournemouth Lower Gardens, outside the Stretch tent. Up to 100 ukuleles will be made each day through the week. No previous experience needed.

 There are 20 places total per session, open to children aged 6 + (with a parent helper); youngest age of participants without a parent helper is 9 years old. Parents / carers not helping their child will need to remain outside the tent throughout the session in case of emergency; and to watch the concert at the end of the session!

 All sessions are FREE

 Times of sessions (potentially subject to change)

10am - 11 Session 1

11.30-12.30 Session 2

1.15 – 2.15pm Session 3

2.45 – 3.45pm Session 4

4.15 – 5.15pm Session 5 (Tbc, depending on demand)

 Sign up on site on the day. Just turn up.

2-4 August; 16-18 August; 23-25 August (all Monday to Wednesdays): Wave presents ‘Under the Sea’ art workshops led by Arts2Educate

Open to children aged 5-11 and parents/carers (under 8s must have a parent/carer with them). Free. All materials provided

 Arts2Educate lead amazing creative arts workshops in and outside school and are a fantastic partner of SoundStorm and Wave. During this festival they will be creating new works of art by reusing a range of unrecyclable plastics which will include some plastics that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The plastic has been collected by local Primary School children and is Covid-safe. Along with cardboard and a range of different scraps, it will be used to put together exciting, new pieces of work, with an underwater theme. We are so excited to see what will be created over each mini festival and hope it will inspire children to reduce and reuse to help look after our planet and the environment we live in.

 Workshops will take place in the Lower Gardens in Bournemouth on the following dates:

Monday – Wednesday: 2- 4 August

Monday – Wednesday: 16-18 August

Monday – Wednesday: 23-25 August

 Session timings will be:

Session one: 10- 10.45

Session two: 11.15-12.00

Session three: 12.45 - 1.30

Session four: 2.00 – 2.45pm

 Because of the current climate, places are limited so please do make sure you book your tickets. There will also be some tickets available by turning up on the day. Adults are required to stay in the session if the child is below 8 years old. If 8 or older adults may stay or can wait outside the tent but must remain within close distance. One ticket includes one adult! You can book for more than one session. Workshops are 45-minutes each.

 Free advance booking is available for Under the Sea workshops via:

 9-12 August (Mon – Thurs): SoundStorm presents KING BRASS music workshops and performances

Open to all ages 6+ (under 8s to be accompanied by a parent /carer). Free. Percussion instruments provided. Brass players with their own instruments are also welcome!

 The team behind the Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project bring you King Brass. King Brass are a fun 5 piece brass-band who deliver workshops and perform a range of family classics such as ‘King of the Swingers’ on a range of brass instruments plus drum. The highlight of the band is an enormous sousaphone (like a big tuba) which can be pedalled round on a bike. They will be doing 4 days of workshops and popup performances outside in the stretch tent in Bmth Lower Gardens as part of Festival Coast Live, in partnership with SoundStorm (BCP Council), from Monday 9 to Thursday 12 August 2021.

 Workshops will take place through the day open to all young people of all ages age 6+ (though under 8s will need to be accompanied in the workshops by a parent/carer). Parent/carers will need to stay around in case of issues if they are not participating themselves. Young brass players are most welcome to join in too if they bring their instrument.

 No previous experience is needed and all percussion instruments will be provided for all participants, which will be wiped down between sessions.

 Workshops will begin at 10am each day and will last around an hour, including a concert at the end

 Numbers are limited to 20 for the workshops. Participants will need to sign up on the day in advance of the workshop so we can regulate numbers.

 19-20 August; 26-27 August: SoundStorm present music workshops open to all – from 10am

Starting at 10am until around 4pm, there will be 4 participatory music sessions taking place daily in the Lower Gardens Stretch Tent throughout the day on these dates. Free. Open to all young people aged 7+. Sign up needed on the day in advance of each session. Just turn up and sign up!

Parents / carers will need to accompany young people under 8 year olds. Parent/carers will need to stay in close proximity to the tent in case of issues if they are not participating in the workshops themselves.