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Hot School Meals


Forerunner is the school's hot meal provider, providing high quality meals to the children. They are used in a number of schools across the trust.

Please see the attached link to their website

Forerunner’s menu is a three-week rolling menu. Each day there are three options – a main, a vegetarian choice and a jacket potato choice. Each meal has a G, D, E or V after it and this signifies that the meal is either Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free or Vegan.  Every day at least one of the meals will cater to any of those allergies or preferences. 

All menus meet the requirements of the School Food Plan. There is a new menu every term and Forerunner prepare this in conjunction with feedback from schools.  

Every day bread (50/50) is provided to the school as well as yoghurts and fresh fruit for those children who do not want the pudding on a particular day. All meals are accompanied by vegetables, which change regularly.
Forerunner use local suppliers as much as they can. Meat is sourced from Wessex Gammon and fish comes from Crown Foods in Wimborne. Their fresh produce comes from Harvest Fine Foods in Hampshire. All food is prepared at their facility in Southbourne.

Some of the products used by Forerunner have the standard disclaimer 'may contain nuts, milk, eggs etc’. ‘May contain’ is known as precautionary labelling and can indicate that cross-contamination may be possible within the premises in which the products are made.

Forerunner are a nut free premises and do not use any products that contain nuts nor are any items that contain nuts allowed onsite.

Please bear all this information in mind when selecting meals for your child. If you would like to order hot school meals please log onto Forerunner My School Orders and follow the instructions as per the attachment at the end of this message.