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Lesson 1

No Way Through Isn’t True - Lesson 1

Ask your children: 

  • When have you been stuck or thought ‘I can’t...’?

Use examples such as difficult spellings, trouble learning times tables, coping with feeling hurt or feeling lonely as a starting point, and allow children to explain their memories or thoughts.

Ask your children to think about and suggest ways they can overcome some of the difficulties mentioned. 

  • What are some of the things you can do if you are stuck? .

List their ideas of how they can persevere through difficulties, on a piece of paper and remind the children that when we don’t believe there is a way through, we give up and stay stuck. But when we believe there’s an answer for every problem, we keep working at it until we find it. 

Being HeartSmart means knowing ‘No Way Through’ isn’t True!’ Ask the children to encourage each other throughout the week to keep going in all situations and find a way through.