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Lesson 2

No Way Through Isn’t True - Lesson 2

Using the slides provided, show the children a set of road signs from the Highway Code. Arrange the children in pairs to work out what the signs mean. Discuss the answers. 

Explain to the children that when we are on a journey, we will sometimes encounter “No Entry” or “One Way” signs. This doesn’t mean we have to stop our cars and end our journey, it means we have to find another way to go. 

In life, we might come up against problems and feel that there is no way out of them but this is never true. There is always a way through or, at the very least, another route for us to take. ‘No Way Through’ isn’t True!' is a helpful reminder that there is always an alternative route through our challenges and problems. 

Ask the children to design a road map for a toy car that has some “One Way” systems and “No Entry” signs (make sure they plan in some alternatives so that the car can get to its destination).