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Lesson 3

No Way Through Isn’t True - Lesson 3

Ask the children to create their own clouds from black card and use multi- coloured strips of paper or coloured droplets on string to create a raincloud. 

You may want to use the photo provided to show the children an example. Talk about how we need rain (problems in life) to create a colour (e.g. flowers, grass, rainbows). Look at how beautiful the colours are! 

Explain that even when we find things hard, there are wonderful things we can learn from overcoming our difficulties and believing that, ‘No Way Through’ isn’t True! 

Ask the children to write on the clouds some of the problems or challenges they are working to overcome e.g. a new skill, a friendship issue, etc.

Discuss the steps the children are taking or could take to help them overcome their challenges.

Ask them: 

  • How did you overcome the challenge/difficulty?
  • How did you feel once you had overcome it?