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Merley First School

Weekly HeartSmart Lessons

During our partial opening, we will be adding weekly HeartSmart Lessons to this webpage to allow children learning from home to partake in the same PSHE lesson as in school.

Past Lessons - Lesson 1Lesson 2,  Lesson 3


No Way Through Isn’t True - Lesson 4

Tell the children that they are all going to make a Dreamboard. A Dreamboard is a collage of pictures, words and images that inspire us to dream. 

Ask the children what a ‘dream’ is. Explain that dreams are not just something we have at nighttime when we are asleep, dreams can also be found in our hearts. Ask the children if they have any dreams in their heart. Explain that sometimes we know what our dreams are and sometimes we need help exploring them. Finding out what your dreams are starts with simply thinking about things that you like.

Show the children the example Dreamboard below. Explain this board shows someone who dreams of having their own home, travelling, loving other people, having lots of friends, being a Fire Officer, writing a book and swimming. 

Give each table a selection of pictures and words from magazines (e.g. places, words, fun pictures, careers, foods, people, etc.) or words written on pieces of paper. Ask the children to choose at least five pictures or words that they like and stick them onto a piece of card to create their own Dreamboard. 

Finish by asking some of the children to share one thing they have chosen for their Dreamboard. Help them to turn their like into ‘‘a dream of my heart is….’ statement. For example, ‘I like the beach’ becomes ‘A dream of my heart is to visit the beach’.